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  Astrologers Personal Pages (58)
This is a list of Astrologers personal pages,astrology websites and resources.
  Astrologers, Astrology Consultants and Counsellors (93)
Here you will find links for Astrologers, astrology consultants, astrology counsellors and astrology practitioners. No warranties are made or implied as to the services listed in this directory.
  Astrological Organizations (25)
Your resource for Astrology Associations, organizations, societies and groups.
  Astrological Research (14)
Resources for Astrological Research and study.
  Astrology Chats and Forums (10)
Astrology Chats and Astrology Forums for discussing Astrological trends, influences, Astrology transits and horoscopes.
  Astrology Classes, Education and Astrology Degrees (24)
Find Astrology Classes, Astrology Schools and Astrology Degree and Certification programs here. Improve your Astrology Education!
  Astrology Conferences (2)
A resource for Astrology Conferences, Astrology Meetings and Astrology Gatherings as well as Astrology Lectures.
  Astrology Directories (10)
Directories of Astrology Links, Resources and Astrology Databases as well as Free Astrology Charts and Services.
  Astrology In World Cultures (3)
Astrology in Celtic, Egyptian Semiotic, Tibetan, African, I-Ching and Baha'i philosophies.
  Astrology Magazines and E-zines (21)
A list of Astrology Magazines and E-zines on Astrology and New Age thought. Get regular updates on Astrology trends, transits and planetary influences. Learn about Planetary motions, transits and zodiac trends.
  Astrology Shopping (467)
Shopping for Astrology Goodies: Astrology Software, Zodiac T-shirts, Astrology Books, Vedic Astrology Software, Astrology Reports, soul-mate reports and more...
  Astrology Software (30)
A resource for finding Astrology Software for PC and Macintosh computers.
  Business and Financial Astrology (13)
Astrology resources for Financial Astrolgy, business Astrology and astrology stock predictions.
  Centaurs and Asteroids in Astrology (13)
Astrology Links to learn about the Astrological Centaurs and Asteroids and their use in Astrology Charts, Horoscopes and Astrology Predictions.
  Chinese Astrology (20)
Learn about Chinese Astrology and the Chinese Horoscope here. The Chinese Astrology years are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Cat or Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. The Chinese Horoscope elements are: water, fire, wood, metal and earth.
  Classical and Traditional Astrology (21)
Astrology that is Classical and Traditional. Here you will find Ancient Astrology and works by the Ancient Astrologers, including Greek Astrologers, astrology from the middle ages, Babylonian Astrology and more.
  Esoteric Astrology (25)
Learn about Esoteric Astrology. Here you will find links to Esoteric Astrology, Spiritual Astrology and other Mystical Astrology.
  Evolutionary Astrology (15)
Learn about Evolutionary Astrology and Astrology based on the works of Jeffrey Wolf Green.
  History of Astrology (9)
Here you will learn about the History of Astrology, Schools of Astrological thought, branches of astrology and the myths of astrology.
  Horoscopes - Monthly, Weekly, Daily (148)
Here you will find links for Astrology Horoscopes. Monthly, weekly and Daily Horoscopes. Don't forget to sign up for AstrologyChicks Weekly Horoscope for a unique and useful take on your Horoscope. Just click the Subscribe link in the top right corner!
  Locational Astrology (6)
Learn how locations effect Astrology, the Astrology Chart and personal Horoscope. Transits, relocations and electional astrology links.
  Metaphysical Shows (1)
Alternative, metaphysical radio, internet and video shows. Here you will find resources to learn about programming devoted to Astrology, paranormal phenomenon, ufo, psychic, ghosts, remote viewing, extraterestrial, mystic, visions, dreams and mind mastery.
  Political and Mundane Astrology (45)
Here you will learn about Predictive Astrology, mundane astrology and social and political astrology trends.
  Psychic Counselors (4)
A directory of individual Psychic Counselors, healers and psychic readers.
  Sabian Symbols in Astrology (2)
These links are resources for the meanings of Sabian Symbols, the astrology degrees and their use in Astrology.
  Spa Directories (2)
Here you will find a directory of spa's, retreats and healing centers for aromatherapy, massage, body treatments, waxing, facials and more..
  Synastry in Astrology (11)
Here you will learn about synastry in Astrology - also called chart compatability.
  Tools for Astrology (9)
A wide range of tools to use in Astrology: ephemeris, geocentric distance donjunctions, distances table generator, asteroid name search, minor planets, lunar perigees and apogees.
  Uranian Astrology (6)
Resources for Uranian Astrology, transneptunian planets, cosmobiology, midpoint techniques, fictional planets and asteroids and other Uranian tools and techniques.
  Vedic Astrology (266)
A large resource for Vedic Websites, tools, books and more.
  There are 27055 links for you to choose from!
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